Help ALL Women LOVE Their Smiles and FEEL Confident

And Do It All Safely, Naturally and Cruelty-Free

Luxy makes premium teeth whitening products for a cause very dear to our hearts: helping everyone love their smiles and feel confident.

As wine and coffee lovers, we know our teeth can become stained fast.

No one finds yellow teeth attractive.

We want to get rid of these nasty yellow stains because we know that people look at our teeth within just 5 seconds of meeting us for the first time during first impressions.

But how do we get whiter teeth without giving up enjoying a fine glass of wine or steaming cup of latte every day?

We checked with our dentist to see if he could help.

It turns out that he did offer teeth whitening services but he wanted to charge us $200 per whitening session! And we would need multiple sessions to get complete results...

That seemed absolutely insane.

So we started looking for alternatives. We spent months and months talking to dentists far and wide in the US and Canada.

Everyone we talked to wanted to charge A LOT. The best we could find was still asking for $100 per whitening session!

Online searches found all sorts of kits, gels, configurations, claims... and confusion. We found everything from cheap, low quality gel to overpriced, clumsy wired kits for $150!

After many months of research and development, we've crafted the highest quality dental grade ultra-strength teeth whitening system that's safe on your teeth enamel and works extremely fast by penetrating deep down to completely kill yellow stains, making your teeth look amazingly white and shiny not to mention feeling smooth.

Our customer results speak for themselves.

luxy teeth whitening results before after

With Luxy, what was once an expensive luxury that you could get only at the spa or dental office is now affordable to use in the comfort of your own home.

So if getting an attractive confident smile is important to you, why not give Luxy a try today?

You'll be thanking yourself after you see the amazing results.

We're excited about your teeth whitening journey that starts today.

Have fun and cheers to your brand new beautiful smile!

~ The Entire Luxy Whitening™ Team