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Luxy's New Patented Wireless Teeth Whitening Technology is the fastest, most convenient way to whiten your teeth safely.

Unique, enamel-safe gel with all natural  ingredients

Whiten teeth in only 10-15 minutes per day

Exclusive 32-LED Dual Red/Blue Light accelerates results and eliminates sensitivity

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My boyfriend Tyler and I each got a kit recently and made it part of our bedtime routine to enjoy a little whitening together before we sleep. It's been about 2 weeks  and it's so amazing to measure the number of shades whiter our teeth got. The instructions were soo detailed and we followed them to the dot to see who had the whitest teeth by the end lol mine is already 5 shades whiter, his got 4 shades whiter so I win :)

Stacey Martin - New York, NY

Thank you for making me feel so good about myself!  I feel so confident right now, I have a big white smile at work and people do notice. It's been pretty amazing how big of a difference this kit has made for me. Thank you so very much!! Love you guys

Amy Meyer - Phoenix, AZ

It's hard for me to believe but it seems like my morning coffee yellow stains are gone after finishing my kit! My friend Trish recommend me to you guys, she said you sent her a free charcoal whitening toothpaste after posting on instagram. I'm in love with your brand!! I just emailed you my before after and tagged on IG, can you send me a charcoal toothpaste too? xoxo thank you!!

Gina Huffington - San Jose, CA

My fiance found this brand and got it for the both of us because our wedding is coming up in 6 weeks!! It worked wonders on our teeths. My teeth were better than his by a bit but we definitely didn't have the whitest teeth that we wanted for our pictures. Now I'm feeling super confident for our big day. I can't wait to see our pics! Everything is gonna be perfect. Thank you Luxy!

Gena Kushner - Miami, FL

I have sensitive teeth and was worried but I decided to try it out after talking to you guys on facebook. I just finished my last session and I am in love with my new teeth! i definitely see quite a big difference, my bf even noticed it when I didn't say anything. For anyone with sensitive teeth I highly recommend it! My tip is to do it before sleeping each day. I found that worked the best

Liz Duncan - Denver, CO

What an awesome product! I feel so good and way more comfortable smiling to customers at work compared to before. Coworkers said I look happier lol and I think it shows. I was searching everywhere and just didn't find anything that had this many reviews. It got the job done and got all the latte stains off so fast, this is perfect for me!

Erica Daniels - Seal Beach, CA

I just finished a photoshoot for an event last week and when I saw the photos today I had to come here and write a review. I look noticeably better than usual after having my teeth whitened. So glad I found this product. My friends all thought I went to a pro place to get my teeth this white, it's my little secret!

Karen Perez - West Palm Beach, FL